About FL-WR – jlg1

Friends of the Library – Waikoloa Region (FL-WR) a non-profit organization was formed in 2010 with the primary goal of bringing a Hawaii state library to the Waikoloa Region. Great strides have been made toward that goal: land for the library site has been secured, community support and government backing have been garnered, and the State has released funds for the design of the library building. In the meantime, a transitional bookmobile filled with donated books is in operation 9:00 to 5:00 seven days a week to make learning resources available locally for people of all reading levels and interests. There is free Wi-Fi available inside & outside the bookmobile so you can sit under the sun shaded pergolas to read or use a computer. Please see inside the bookmobile for instructions on how to log into the Wi-Fi network.

For the past four years, FL-WR has sponsored the island-wide Newbery Quiz Bowl academic literacy challenge for third through seventh grade students. We also have purchased and donated Kindle electronic readers loaded with e-books for use by Waikoloa School students through their library. Others have been purchased for use by Waikoloa Newbery teams.

In 2014, FL-WR will hold its 5th annual 5K walk/run (November 8) to promote library causes and to finance several literacy projects.

This year, for the first time, FL-WR awarded a privately-funded scholarship to a local graduating high-school student to pursue a college degree. The 2014 recipient is studying in the Department of Transportation and Applied Technology at Hawaii Community College, Hilo. We plan to expand these scholarship opportunities in the future.

FL-WR volunteers have devoted many hours over the years to support our goals and encourage lifelong learning within our community.

Here is a list of our current 2018 officers and how you can contact them:

  • President: *Position Open*
  • Executive Vice President: *Position Open*
  • Vice President of Finance: Cathi Keene
  • Vice President of Fundraising: Vivian Green
  • Vice President of Membership: Stephanie Sterns
  • Vice President of Programs & Activities: Vicki Coronel
  • Vice President of Public Relations: Cathey Tarleton
  • Secretary: Alexandra Bernstein
  • Vice President of Information Technology: Jessica Grinnell
  • Past Presidents: Bette Green & Ruth Bernstone

If you would like to volunteer for any of these positions for 2019 or would like to nominate someone, please email Bette and Ruth for more information.