What You May Have Missed

Waikoloa School Summer Camp & E-Reader Program:

In support of our mission to encourage literacy in our community, FL-WR provided scholarships for the Waikoloa School summer camp, as well as started a pilot e-reader project at the school library during the summer program.

The Consultants Were Here!

The first general community meeting with the consultants who will plan out the new library for the Waikoloa region was held on Wednesday, Oct. 9th at the Waikoloa School. They laid out some general information and then invited suggestions from the community on what we want to see in our library.

Some of the ideas were:

  • Sustainable energy sources (solar, wind, etc.)
  • Separate children’s room (with even a separate entrance)
  • Adult study/quiet room away from the public access computers
  • Meeting room(s) for the community
  • Mixture of public access laptop and desktop computers as well as netbooks to check out (and maybe some gaming stations)
  • Programs such as storytelling, music, talk story, etc.
  • Zeroscaping using native plants
  • Shade areas outdoors
  • Wall space for local artists to display their artwork
  • Outdoor open space(s), amphitheater
  • UH Hilo video conferencing center, night classes from UH Hilo
  • Use land around the library as part of the program(s) for local grown food
  • Certified kitchen (to cook the food grown)
  • Grey water/recycled water/catchment system
  • Recycling bins/area
  • Open later in the evening for people who work in Kona/Hilo/outer areas

The consultants have vetted 3 different sites and determined which site will be best for the library. Some of the things they looked at are accessibility, wind (Waikoloa Village gets a 50%/50% mix of southerly and trade winds and the winds can get up to 100 mph), sunshine and zoning.

We will keep you posted on what is happening.